ElectroSwing Hyena Sanctuary Blank  Inside the mind of a Hyena  Weasyl Blank Hyena 101

Art trade with tandye of her Werebit

Time to make the e-monies to get the e-parts to make a e-computer :U

A EDM sub-culture in Unyoka with that mix of moombahton, moombahcore, and electro house as it’s defining characteristics [Like that Dibby Dibby Sound song I posted the other day] is now canon and no one can tell me otherwise :U

This was just kind of sitting randomly in my recommend on youtube.

I love everything about it.


Templates I’m working on

Basically I’ll add color over these, and I’ll use them as my color templates when I make textures and such, so they have a nice uniformal thing going and would make them easier to mix and match!